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Ways to move

You’ve taken that first step to get active which is great! There are lots of different ways to get active -  indoors, outdoors, with others, on your own, or even with helpful technology! Choose activities that you enjoy and that fit in with everyday life and you’re more likely to keep going.

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Being active doesn’t always mean having to go to a class or the gym. There are plenty of ways that you can get moving without even leaving the house!

For example, chair-based exercises allow you to move and stretch your body whilst sitting down, making them suitable for most people. You can also do simple work-outs with objects you’d find in the home, like a small water bottle or a tin of beans. Dancing round the living room or running up and down the stairs a couple of times are great ways to move more too.

Don’t let the weather stop you from moving more, there’s plenty of indoor activities for you to try in places such as leisure and community centres.


Why not make the most of the borough’s beautiful, free open green spaces and parks? Many have paths to wander around and play areas for family fun. If you’re wanting more of a workout, some parks run regular group activities like parkrun and bootcamp.

Walking is another great way to move more at your own pace, whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it’s a twenty minute stroll or a walk to the corner, it all counts. Plus, it’s sometimes the fastest way to get you from A to B for free! Greenwich Get Active has lots of free walking groups available, whatever your ability.

With others

You don’t have to get active on your own. Moving more with others has social and mental health benefits, and some find it more motivating and fun!

Greenwich Get Active has lots of options if you’d like to get active in a group – either with your family or friends, or if you’d like to meet new people who like the same things as you.

From walking groups, to fitness classes, to team sports, there’s bound to be something for you, whatever your age or ability.

With the family

Help the kids to move more too! Playing inside and outside together is a great way to get you and your little ones moving, whether it’s walking, jogging or scooting the school run, or going to your local park or leisure centre together.

Activities like jumping, climbing, dancing, biking and swimming all count, and even things like dancing round the house with the kids!

If you’re pregnant, gentle activity is good for you and your baby – do what feels comfortable for your body. For new parents, there are lots of activities in Greenwich for you all to enjoy and get moving as a family.