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Due to the situation with Covid-19, some services or activities on this website may not be available or may have changed the way they operate. If you have any questions about a particular activity, contact the activity provider for more information.

For the latest guidance, health information and advice, visit the NHS official website and learn about the government response to Covid-19 on GOV.UK.

Being active is important for both our physical and mental health, and there are still lots of ways to keep moving. You can find lots of tips and ideas on this website!

If you can leave your house, you can now exercise outdoors for as often as you wish, with members of your household or up to 5 other people from a different household. This could be going for a run, jog, walk, bike ride or using outdoor sports facilities like tennis or basketball courts. But make sure you still stay 2 metres from everybody outside your household.

Please ensure that you follow social distancing guidelines when doing any kind of activity.