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Get started

Being active means getting your heart rate up, breathing faster and feeling warmer. Doing something is better than nothing, but the more you do, the more you benefit. Every minute counts, so make a start today - it's never too late!

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Small Steps

Getting active can seem scary. You might think that you’re too tired, unfit, old or that a health condition gets in the way. But the trick is to start small and build up slowly. Moving more helps boost energy, confidence and wellbeing and reduces the risk of many health conditions.

Try moving during a TV ad break or taking the stairs instead of the lift.  Activities like cleaning and gardening count and are free too. Local walking groups are a great way of getting started with others.

Greenwich Get Active has lots of different options, whatever your age or ability.

Build it into your routine

Being active doesn’t have to mean joining a gym, going to classes or running every day. Every little counts. Moving more can help you feel and look good, as well as stay healthier in the long run.

Try building activity into your daily life, like taking the stairs, getting off a stop early on the bus or carrying the shopping. Walking or cycling to certain places might be quicker and cheaper too. It all adds up.

If you have kids, think of activities you can all do, at your local park or leisure centre, or even dancing round the living room.  You’ll all soon see the benefits.

Taking something up again

You may have grown up loving a sport or want to be active as part of a team.  There are lots of options out there, whatever your age or ability. Going back to what you enjoyed means you’re more likely to carry on, plus being active with others is a real motivator.

Moving more helps boosts energy, fitness and wellbeing and can reduce the risk of many health conditions.

Search our directory to find a huge range of activities on offer, including accessible team sports, tennis, rowing and more!

Find something you love

Being active shouldn’t be a chore. Find an activity that you love and you’re much more likely to carry on.

Moving more can help you feel good and look good, as well as stay healthier in the long run.  So why not try a few different activities to see what you love best!

As well as fitness classes, running and traditional sports, Greenwich has a whole range of more unusual activities to inspire. From trampolining and circus skills, to HIIT classes in the park, there’s bound to be something that suits you.